Blindness or Eye Injuries Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Total or industrial blindness is defined as a catastrophic work injury under Section G of Georgia’s workers’ compensation statute (O.C.G.A. § 34-9-200.1). If you have suffered serious vision loss as a result of a workplace accident, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert to discuss your case in a free consultation. You may be entitled to lifetime benefits.

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Georgia

While you have up to a year to formally file your workers’ compensation claim, it is important to remember that, from the time of the workplace accident, you have just 30 days to report an injury to your supervisor. Do not hesitate to inform your manager immediately in order to secure your right to obtain the compensation you deserve. If your employer has a list of approved physicians who conform to the Georgia statute, you must visit one of these doctors. Emergency rooms are also acceptable.

When you are ready to file a claim, you must ask your employer for the necessary workers’ compensation paperwork. Never accept a settlement without first consulting a lawyer. The insurance companies are motivated to save money, not to help you get back on your feet after a workplace accident. Speak to the Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney at our firm about your options in order to ensure that you receive the full payout.

More than 30 Years of Experience Working for You

Attorney Jeffrey S. Gilbert has more than three decades of experience and is recognized as a premier Georgia work injury lawyer with an impressive track record of success. Call our firm today to meet with him personally in a complimentary case evaluation. We want to fight for the financial compensation you need and deserve during this challenging time.