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Were You Seriously Injured On The Job?

Workplace accidents are as serious as any that occur on our Georgia highways, in crosswalks on city streets and in our own homes. They cause life-changing injuries to the brain and spinal cord, back and joints, eyes and ears, and can leave emotional trauma and PTSD in their wake.

If your on-the-job accident injury or a third-party claim (liability for multiple parties) has cost you wages, medical bills, expenses related to long-term advanced therapies or the loss of a relative in a fatal work accident, an experienced personal injury attorney will work hard to help you pick up the pieces of your life.

In greater Atlanta and throughout Georgia, that skilled and compassionate work injury lawyer is Jeffrey S. Gilbert, of The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert. Our law firm’s founder brings more than 25 years of experience with handling these cases — a record of positive results that should give you confidence in Mr. Gilbert to get things done.

Work accidents are caused by all kinds of factors — from unsure footing to defective equipment, malfunctioning machinery to a ladder or scaffold that should’ve been replaced. Regardless of how your major health setback came to be, from an injury at your job, Jeffrey S. Gilbert delivers quality representation and a determination to achieve justice for you.

The Trusted Name In Catastrophic Work Injuries Representation In Atlanta And Statewide

Are you suffering from one or more of these conditions after contact with heavy falling objects while on the job, or a serious accident while driving a company vehicle?

Thanks to the strict contingency fee basis for our efforts, this personal commitment to your brighter future costs you nothing unless we win your case. We offer free initial consultations too, that can be conducted at your residence or hospital room if your medical condition prevents travel.

Were you seriously injured at work? Call The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert at 404-857-2905 so we can set your appointment to discuss your complex legal issues. We respond promptly to all email messages.