Wrongful Death Claims in U.S. Rise to Over 100,000 a Year

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert June 2, 2021

In the United States over 90,000 wrongful death claims are filed for medical malpractice and wrongful death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that besides medical malpractice that result in a wrongful death, over 6,000 people die every year directly related to occupational work hazards and thousands die due to common place slip and fall injuries. In addition, over 4,000 wrongful death claims arise out of vehicle accidents, with Georgia ranked as number four in the United States for highest costs related to wrongful death vehicle accident claims.

A wrongful death is devastating to loved ones and places their entire lives into a turmoil of overwhelming emotions. Their loved one was just there, and so much was planned for the future – a surgical error, a defective product fails, an out of control tractor trailer, or a little slippery spot on the floor of the supermarket has snuffed out the life of your loved one. There is no way to prepare for this – an Atlanta wrongful death can happen at any time to anyone.

How Is Wrongful Death Determined?

A Georgia wrongful death occurs when a person dies due to the direct legal fault of another; when you file an Atlanta wrongful death claim it may be against a doctor, truck driver, store owner, a homeowner or any number of people who your loved one may have interacted with. The State of Georgia has specific codes, laws and regulations that direct how a wrongful death claim is handled, or if a different type of claim needs to be made.

Each Atlanta wrongful death claim involves unique circumstances where specific evidence needs to be gathered to support the claim – a wrongful death claim typically concludes with monetary compensation, although other penalties and fines may be included as well. Retaining the right lawyer who will fight for maximum compensation and other concessions is the first step to take – make the call to Jeff Gilbert, your Atlanta wrongful death attorney for a free confidential consultation.

Atlanta Wrongful Death Claims

The State of Georgia wrongful death codes and regulations allow a wrongful death claim to be filed by those who are not a family member. An Atlanta wrongful death claim may be filed by the immediate family, a life-partner or significant other, a common-law spouse, children or financial dependents and in some cases a distant relative. Retaining an experienced Georgia wrongful death attorney, like Jeff Gilbert, allows you to grieve and try to go on with life, while your attorney files your claim, works to gather information and evidence and prepares a winning wrongful death case.

Georgia Wrongful Death Attorney

Georgia wrongful death claims continue to rise each and every day. Thousands of friends and families have their lives tossed to the wind every year – Jeff Gilbert, your Atlanta wrongful death attorney understands your emotional distress and will be there to help support you through the legal and court system. His goal is to obtain the maximum benefit and compensation for your loss. Call Jeff for a private meeting to discuss your case and to begin the legal steps to file a wrongful death claim.