Workplace Injury: Workman’s Compensation Claim or Litigation for Company Negligence?

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert June 2, 2021

Workman’s Compensation accidents with injury have climbed into the millions every year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that work-related injury and illness affect more than 4-million workers across all job industries every year. Out of those 4-million who report a workplace accident with injury, more than half of that number requires continuing medical care, treatment, and pain medication following their workplace injury.

Is Your Workplace Injury an Accident or Negligence?

While the workplace injury you sustained may have been the result of a fall or trip, chemical or toxic material exposure, burns from a fire, electrocution, crushing trauma from machinery, heavy objects falling on you, or any number of other workplace injury hazards, it is important to know the reason for the accident. An experienced personal injury and workplace injury attorney will be able to determine if your claim is best covered under Georgia workman’s compensation law, or if you have a case that calls for negligence litigation against the responsible party.

Workplace Injuries Need Evaluation for Cause of Accident

Workplace injuries incurred while working on a construction site may seem like a pure workman’s compensation claim. However, deeper evaluation and examination of the evidence may reveal that a cave-in or excavation collapse is due to inadequate shoring up of the walls, or improper safety inspections completed on a reoccurring schedule. A warehouse worker may sustain an injury falling from a mobile ladder loading inventory on a high shelving unit. Will a claim need to be filed for a workman’s compensation for the accident, or could the workplace accident and injury have happened due to the wheel brakes not holding or the shelving unit coming loose and unstable due to defective materials?

Many Workplace Injuries Life Altering

Workman’s compensation may not be enough compensation for some injuries. Very often there is a need to not only file the workman’s compensation claim for a Georgia workplace injury but to also file a lawsuit against the responsible company or person for negligence. When you and your family are faced with life-long chronic pain, both physical and cognitive permanent disabilities, years of treatment, and possibly multiple surgeries, accepting a workman’s compensation award is usually not enough to cover all of their needs.

Atlanta Workplace Injury Attorney

You need an attorney who will fight for your rights and maximum compensation for your workplace injury. You need an attorney with experience dealing with large companies through the litigation process as well as working knowledge of the Georgia workman’s compensation board. Head and spinal injuries, amputations, paralysis, cardiac failure, extensive burns, or severe chronic pain cause a lifetime of suffering, loss of gainful employment, loss of ability to care for oneself, and even loss of their home, car, and life savings need to be planned for and compensated. Jeff Gilbert is the Atlanta workplace injury attorney who is known for his tenacity and hard-hitting style – Call for a free confidential consultation and let Jeff take over the battle for you today.