The Most Common Georgia Personal Injury Claims Are for Slip and Fall Accidents

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert June 2, 2021

In Georgia, the most common premises liability claim filed is for a slip or trip that results in a fall with injury. The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) reports that there are over 25,000 slip and fall accidents that occur every day in the United States and over 1-million slip and fall accidents a year that require a trip to the emergency room or doctor’s office. In fact, 12% of all types of falls are slip or trip accidents where a premises liability claim could be filed. Atlanta Premises liability claims refer directly to receiving a personal injury while shopping or visiting a business, medical facility or while on a person’s private property; a premises liability claim also includes a home or property that you may be renting.

Georgia Premises Liability Accident Claims

While many people may think that filing a premises liability claim is only for injuries sustained while out at a business such as a department store, restaurant, grocery store, or movie theatre to name a few, Georgia premises liability claims cover much more than the brick and mortar commercial establishment or private property. Commercial property may be as small as a bistro or café, or as large as an amusement park or resort. Under Georgia law, premises liability claims also include the parking lot, sidewalks, the elevator or escalator, stairwells, parking garages, curbs, benches, landscaping, pools or spas, and any part of the structure or surrounding area. If you have received a personal injury, you are more than likely eligible to receive compensation for your injury, medical care, treatment, and life-altering disability.

Atlanta Premises Liability Accidents with Injury

While the most common type of premises liability claims report a personal injury from a slip or trip with a fall, there are other types of personal injury that are also included on this type of claim. A situation that will qualify for a premises liability claim includes poor crowd control where you may be trampled, knocked off balance, or shoved off steps or landings. Other examples include being bitten by a dog, becoming the victim of a violent attack where lack of security, dim lighting and landscaping play a part, or other common accidents from a shopping cart hitting you, an automatic door improperly closing on you, items on a shelf falling off and striking you, or even exposure to toxic cleaning materials in a facility bathroom.

Georgia’s premises liability claims covers a wide range of personal injuries and dangerous situations. The State’s legal qualifications, rules and regulations are complex and need to be handled by an attorney well experienced in Georgia premises liability law. Your Atlanta premises liability claim attorney Jeff Gilbert will fight to protect your rights and to receive full compensation under Georgia law. Retaining the right lawyer to fight for you means the difference between an average negotiated claim to a premises liability claim that not only compensates you for your current need, but also takes into account your future needs. Jeff Gilbert is the Atlanta premises liability claim attorney you want on your case.

Atlanta Georgia Premises Liability Claim Attorney

Slip or trip accidents with a fall can happen to anyone at any time. A fall with injury is a common occurrence in Atlanta, in Georgia, and throughout the country. However, if a slip or trip with injury occurs due to an establishments negligence, poor maintenance, or a hazard that could have been prevented the victim is entitled to care, treatment and financial compensation for injuries that may take weeks, months, and sometimes years to recover from. Cracked or uneven sidewalks, frayed carpeting, poor safety lighting, slippery pathways, obstacles in the aisles, inadequate crowd management or poorly placed floor hazard signs all contribute to a slip or trip and fall, and all could have been prevented through proper maintenance and facility repair.

Injuries that occur at a Georgia business, a private home, at a public event or at a medical facility may all entitle you to file an Atlanta premises liability accident claim. Personal injuries may range from a laceration, broken bone, and head injury to spinal cord injury and paralysis to death. Under Georgia law, personal, private or commercial property must be kept in good repair and reasonably safe for anyone who may come onto the property. Premises liability claims allow for a large variety of causes for the accident injury claims which all fall under the legal statutes and guidelines that are set forth by Georgia law.

No matter what event or situation resulted in your slip or trip fall and injury, you need legal representation, guidance, and direction. It is essential to find a lawyer knowledgeable in all the rules and regulations surrounding Georgia premises liability law, as well as having first hand experience successfully negotiating your claim through the Georgia court system. Call your Atlanta premises liability attorney Jeff Gilbert for a free confidential consultation today. Jeff Gilbert will fight for everything you are entitled to receive.