Many Do Not Receive All the Worker’s Compensation Benefits They Are Entitled To

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert June 2, 2021

If you work in the State of Georgia and have been injured on the job you may able to receive worker’s compensation benefits while you receive treatment, care, and while you are recovering from your injuries. There are over 3.8 million workers in the State of Georgia and the State Board of Worker’s Compensation, also known as SBWC, works to ensure that those entitled to worker’s compensation receive it. The paperwork may seem complex and there are time limits that need to be adhered to in order to collect all the compensation you are entitled to.

Full and Part Time Workers Entitled to Worker’s Compensation

For many workers injured on the job, the process to file a worker’s compensation claim is often complex and time consuming, and very often difficult to manage while they are hurt and seeking medical treatment. Many injured part-time workers may not know they are entitled to these benefits and often never seek to receive Georgia worker’s compensation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in Georgia, 118 workers out of every 10,000 are injured on the job and out of work due to their injuries. By law, any Georgia employer or business that has at least three workers, full or part-time, on their payroll are required by the State of Georgia to have worker’s compensation insurance.

Georgia Worker’s Compensation Claims Take Weeks to Months to Process

If you have received injuries on the job it is important to file a Georgia worker’s compensation claim as soon as possible when you are injured to make sure your rights are protected. Retaining a Macon worker’s compensation attorney who will work for you while you recover is recommended to ensure that your claim will receive the highest priority, and that every worker’s compensation benefit that you qualify for will be thoroughly covered. In Georgia the average number of days lost to injury is 22-days, however many on-the-job injuries are life-altering and can cause months to a life-time of medical care and treatment.

Georgia worker’s compensation claims are often complex and the compensation paperwork often takes weeks or even months to be approved for medical care or for benefit checks to start to arrive. Serious injuries cannot wait for medically necessary care and treatment planning. Monthly living expenses do not disappear. Your family still needs to be provided for. Calling a proven expert in Georgia worker’s compensation laws and procedures is the smart choice when you need to cut through the legal process and be assured that all of your needs and rights are properly taken care of.

Georgia Worker’s Compensation Attorney

The Georgia State Board of Worker’s Compensation reports that over 1.5 billion dollars a year are paid out through medical and hospital claims and indemnity benefits and those dollar amounts are expected to continue to rise as more and more worker’s compensation claims are made every day. Your Macon worker’s compensation attorney Jeff Gilbert knows Georgia law, worker’s compensation rules, and is prepared to fight for you to receive every benefit possible, for lost time, for medical care, for long term treatment planning, for your future.

A work related injury can happen to anyone at anytime, not only those who work in hazardous conditions. While Georgia worker’s compensation claims are highest among construction workers and laborers in freight and materials handling, nursing and medical attendants are frequently injured during the course of performing their job. An on-the-job injury can just as easily happen to a salesclerk, janitor, waitress, or delivery driver and those in jobs that most would consider very safe. You need legal consultation. You need to call team JSG law to lead your case to either a Georgia worker’s compensation claim or to litigation if your injury was due to negligence, defective equipment, inadequate safety measures, or even a careless co-worker. You need Jeff Gilbert to investigate the cause of your injury and proceed according to all appropriate legal avenues and regulations.

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