Atlanta Motorcycle Accidents May Reveal True Fault Following an Investigation

The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert June 2, 2021

In Atlanta and the surrounding cities and towns, it has become all too common to hear of a motorcycle accident with the rider suffering serious injury or death. Very often the incident report places the blame on a driver who just “did not see” the bike and crashed into them, or the report may leave it more open, stating that the “rider lost control of their motorcycle.” While it may be true that many Georgia motorcycle accidents be directly related to drunk or drugged riding, speeding, or not obeying traffic controls and signs, there is also a cause that is often overlooked.

City Roadways in Need of Repair

The Metro Atlanta area roadways are undergoing change and growth on a daily basis. Construction sites throughout the county often leave roadways with uneven pavement, bumps, and dips, or without roadway lane markings, which are an open invitation to an Atlanta motorcycle accident. Potholes appear throughout the year and when neglectfully left for weeks on end, the potholes often grow larger, deeper, and develop jagged edges that can damage a tire. While a pothole may damage a truck or car tire or suspension, a pothole can hurl a rider from their bike into traffic or into a solid object where they may be critically injured or killed.

Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Reports Related to Roadway

There are numerous reports of motorcycle accidents with injury or death that could be related to the road condition. The one attorney to call who has the experience and moxie to take on County departments such as the DOT, and other transportation and roadway departments if the evidence for the motorcycle accident investigation points in those directions, is Jeffrey S Gilbert, your Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer. Jeff knows what to look for, the questions to ask, and how to find the evidence he is looking for. A motorcycle accident with injury and death may be more than the “rider’s fault,” the fault may be as close as the roadway under the rider’s tires.

Roadway safety is a partnership with the driver or bike rider ~ even if both the car and bike are being handled safely and their speed is appropriate for the road and weather conditions, a motorcycle accident with injury or death can occur. In addition to avoiding potholes, a biker must be vigilant for uneven pavement, faded or missing roadway traffic control lines, construction zones, and objects in the roadway such as an orange cone knocked out of place; any of these hazards can cause an Atlanta motorcycle accident.

A biker is also faced with inadequate safety or hazard signs, poorly marked lanes, inadequate lighting for more dangerous areas on the road, or even the lack of signs for a curve or sharp turn ahead on the road. An example of an Atlanta motorcycle accident was recently posted on Accident The motorcycle biker was killed on Lavista Road, just north of North Druid Hills Road, following a crash with a car; the biker had lost control of the cycle. The motorcycle accident fatality was blamed on the rider’s loss of control. Further investigation shows witness comments that report that section of road was very badly repaired and had more than a 2″ ledge between lanes that could easily throw a motorcycle out of the rider’s control. In addition, the eastbound side of Lavista Road did not have any signs in place that warned of a curve ahead.

Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Injury and Death Attorney

Retaining the right lawyer for the pursuit of a claim against the County, DOT, or the contracted road construction company is necessary to plan a successful litigation claim for a Georgia motorcycle accident. You need a lawyer who can fight for you and your family, and one who knows how to gather the evidence needed to successfully win your motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Filing suit for County or DOT neglect is one thing, but bringing the evidence to trial and doggedly fighting your way to success is another. Call the Georgia motorcycle accident attorney Jeffrey S Gilbert for a free confidential consultation meeting.