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Have you have been injured on the job? During this difficult time, you should be able to focus your energy on getting better, not on worrying about how you will pay the bills and make ends meet until you can return to work. While no amount of money is a substitute for your health and vitality, receiving the workers' compensation benefits you are entitled to can go a long way toward facilitating your recovery and giving you and your loved ones financial security and peace of mind in the meantime.

In order to obtain these benefits, it is absolutely crucial to retain an Atlanta workers' compensation attorney who can fight for you and your rights. Recent changes to workers' compensation laws in the state of Georgia have the potential to limit your compensation and medical pay to either 350 or 400 weeks, depending on your injury. Attorney Jeffrey S. Gilbert knows how to avoid this limitation and may be able to help you secure compensation and medical benefits for life depending on your injury.

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What is a catastrophic work injury?

According to Section G of the Georgia Workers' Compensation Statute (O.C.G.A. § 34-9-200.1), the following six categories of workplace injuries automatically qualify as catastrophic:

  • Spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis of the torso or an arm or leg
  • Amputation of an arm, leg, foot, or hand
  • Traumatic brain injury or closed head injury
  • Second- or third-degree burns encompassing at least 25 percent of the body or third-degree burns covering at least 5 percent of the face or hands
  • Total or industrial blindness
  • Any other injury that prohibits the employee from returning to work in full capacity

Injuries such as broken bones and back injuries, as well as secondary problems such as RSD (CRPS) and post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) from these injuries, may fall under the last category. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert, our Atlanta attorney has the skill and understanding necessary to prove that your injury qualifies as catastrophic in order to ensure that you receive the complete payout you deserve. Even if you have been told that your injury does not qualify, consult Attorney Gilbert for a thorough case assessment from an objective and knowledgeable professional. Your initial consultation is free, so there is no reason to hesitate - schedule your appointment today in order to learn more about the benefits to which you may be entitled.

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Fighting for Workers' Rights in Georgia

You may have been told that your injury does not qualify for compensation, but it is always best to assume compensability and consult an Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer who can examine your case objectively. The workers' compensation system in Georgia is "no fault" - meaning that no matter who was responsible for your workplace injury, you are most likely entitled to receive benefits. Keep the following in mind if you have been hurt in a workplace accident:

  • Never blindly trust your employer. When it comes to your future and your family's security, do not settle for less than the comprehensive legal counsel you deserve. Even the best employer has compromised interests when it comes to your medical and compensatory pay. You need to have an informed and objective advocate on your side who you can trust to can tell you what your entitlements really are.
  • The insurance company does not have your best interests at heart. You should be aware that every insurance company has one goal: To pay you as little as legally required. If they can get away with it, some companies will pay even less. You may be entitled to numerous accessory benefits - such as a swim leg, adapted hunting gear, and a cosmetic prosthesis - but your insurance company simply will not volunteer this information. You must speak to a lawyer who can inform you of your rights and options while keeping the insurance company accountable to pay you what you deserve. Drawing from extensive experience handling catastrophic injury cases and personal experience working with victims of such injuries, Attorney Jeff Gilbert is uniquely qualified to establish the extent of your injuries and identifying your legal options.
  • Not all workers' compensation attorneys are equal. Attorney Gilbert has more than 30 years of experience in the field and a reputation for getting the maximum payout on behalf of his clients. In short, he does not maintain a volume practice and does not wholesale cases. He pushes the insurance companies until the case has become so big they are anxious, or at least resolute, to pay full value. Remember, if your accident was caused by another individual's negligence or misconduct, you could be entitled to personal injury damages in addition to your workers' compensation pay. Many attorneys fail to pursue this option, but at our law firm will examine every case for the possibility of third-party claims simply because our number one goal is to achieve your maximum compensation recovery. Whether fighting the insurance companies or standing up for you in court, Attorney Gilbert is prepared to go the distance for your case and fight for no less than the full compensation you deserve.

Compassionate Counsel & Effective Advocacy

As the founder of the Alpine Adaptive Scholarship Program (AASP) in cooperation with Shepherd Center, Attorney Gilbert has seen firsthand the unique challenges that a catastrophic work injury can present. By providing specialized equipment and training, AASP gives physically challenged individuals the chance to discover or reconnect with the sport of skiing. As a compassionate and understanding lawyer with a stellar record of professional ability and effective client advocacy, Mr. Gilbert can help you get started on the road toward recovery by receiving the compensatory payout you deserve.

Whether your injury was the result of a chemical spill, product malfunction, hot machinery, exposed wires, defective equipment, or slip and fall accident, never accept a settlement without first consulting our experienced attorney to find out what you are truly entitled to and what the insurance company is holding back. The first step toward achieving the financial stability you and your loved ones need during this time is as easy as picking up the phone. Call the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Gilbert and speak to our experienced work injury lawyer about the details of your individual case.

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